Mozilla Thunderbird Setup

Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to File -> New -> Account.

Select Email account and click Next.

Type your name as you want it to appear on outgoing emails.
Then, type your email address in the field labeled Email Address.
Click Next to continue

Select the radio button labeled IMAP.
Enter in the field labeled Incoming Server.
Enter in the field labeled Outgoing Server.
Click Next to continue

Note: The field Outgoing Server is only visible during the setup of Mozilla Thunderbird's first email
account. If you already have an email account set up, you will not see this field.
The next screen, User Names, should already be filled out correctly. Confirm that both fields match your
FuseMail username, and then click Next to continue.

Note: If you have already set up an email account, the Outgoing Server field will not appear.
Click Next on the Account Name page to accept the default Account Name.
Click Finish.
Immediately after clicking finish, you will be prompted for your password.
If you'd like to save your password, make sure Use Password Manager to remember this password is
checked before click OK to continue.

Note: You may see a dialog box describing how the Password Manager works. Click OK to continue.
The next step is to configure Mozilla Thunderbird to place messages in the correct folders.
Right click on the new account in the left window pane, and choose Properties.

In the left pane, click on Copies & Folders.
Below the check box labeled Place a copy in, choose Other.
Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of Other, and choose Inbox. A sub-menu should appear, choose Sent Items.
Below the text Keep message drafts in, choose Other.
Click on the drop-down arrow to the right of Other, and choose Inbox. A sub-menu should appear again,
choose Drafts.

Thunderbird is now setup to check your FuseMail account. Click OK to return to your inbox. 

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How to Setting Dial-Up Modem on GSM phone...

At this time using the Internet Cellular Provider in Indonesia is an alternative solution in the fastest and access the Internet. Besides, it now also more popular connection via 3G, and 3.5 G / HSDPA. We do not need and should provide the modem phonel line even after the registration or subscription to a particular ISP. But in this case there are consequences of the more cost. Just a note, at this rate is the cheapest access to the GPRS now is INDOSAT: IM3 & MENTARI with tarif Rp 1, -/kb (If not changed). Are for other types of providers XL and Telkomsel is relatively high. This campaign is not so, but a suggestion to use GPRS or IM3 tariffs MENTARI with Rp 1, -/kb. Moreover, after the special rate Gprs for free at the IM3 Rp. 5000, -. To use as a modem Ponsel we must make some settings on the modem that was detected in the PC and GPRS settings or on the Internet Account Ponsel. Here are the steps the Assumption is a mobile phone as a modem:
1. MyComputer right-click properties and click the tab and click on the hardware device manager. Then note that detected Modem

2. Double click on the phone modem that was detected, and then click the Advanced tab. Then fill in the field Extra settings as follows:

3. At the end of the code there is any posts "internet," Change is the code with "" when using MATRIX / Mentari, "" using IM3, "" XL and use "flash" if you want to use a package of TELKOMFLASH. Code "internet" as the above example, when using TELKOMSEL.
Okay, after that a call DIAL UP as usual and enter User Name and Password and dial Number. Following list of each Provider
In addition, if your area is tercoverage use 3G modem or 3G mobile phone that supports 3G. Because according to my experience of browsing the Ponsel 3.5 G / HSDPA SE K660 via IM3 bandwich average of 340kbps when I mix in check in The difference is far away when I was first access via GPRS using the W200i never reach 60kbps :D ..., Note also you will access the Internet-based or time-based volume. From my experience, for the "extra initialization command" not in the content also can be.
Oke survived attempts, a success

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